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3 Keys Workshop

 Pat Wyman is available to bring her workshop, based on her ground-breaking book Three Keys to Self-Understanding, to you and your group. The workshop length and emphasis can be adjusted to fit your group’s needs. The workshop shows you ways to access your inner self, to understand why you do what you do, and to make the changes you desire. To bring the Three Keys to Self-Understanding Workshop to your area, contact Pat.
Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?

Who Am I?

  • What do I really want?
  • What if I have what I wanted and I’m still not happy?
  • Is there really a worthwhile person inside me?
  • What are my natural gifts and talents?
  • How can I energize myself?

Why do I do what I do even if it isn’t working?

  • Why do I act the way I do?
  • Why won’t my boss (spouse, parent, etc.) listen to me?
  • What keeps me from really connecting with others?
  • Why do I never seem to quite “get there”?
  • Why hasn’t traditional “talk” therapy worked for me?

How can I stop the internal war?

How can I learn how to

  • Create a safe place to be me?
  • Identify the triggers that move me away from my core self?
  • Disconnect my “hot buttons”?
  • Make my defense system traits work for me?
  • Re-establish access to my inner wisdom, and integrate my mind, body and spirit?
The Three Keys to Self-Understanding Workshop uses experiential exercises (guided imagery, artwork, music), group process, lecture and case histories to help you:
  • Uncover the two major parts of your personality: Core Self (MBTI® type) and Defense System (Enneagram)
  • Understand the origin of internal conflicts
  • Realize the effects of early childhood influence
  • Learn the difference between “talk therapy” and “Affective therapy”
  • Recognize when you’re operating from a defended position
  • Experience the shift between your Defense System and your Core Self (The Trigger Cycle)
  • Discover the true source of addictions and how to conquer them
  • Learn how your temperament type operates and how different temperament types see and hear things differently
  • Receive insight into dealing with difficult people (who pushes your buttons and why)
  • Enhance relationships using the Communication Model
  • Tap into your Higher wisdom to heal emotional and spiritual wounds

Three Keys to Self-Understanding Workshop Workshop participants will be given an overview of the model, a working understanding of MBTI and the Enneagram and an awareness of the roles of these two typing systems in personality structure. The workshop will include experiential exercises, group process and lecture to move participants through their own process of self-discovery.