Workshop Testimonials

I can’t begin to tell you how significant and timely your workshop was.  Include me as one of the countless souls you’ve truly touched with your work!

I found your workshop to be thought-provoking and especially found value in the experiential exercise.

Your day with us was so informative – great way to be re-introduced to the Enneagram.

Listening and watching you work was amazing — especially your energy quotient — the gas tank you filled before you started must be RV size! Thank you so much for your insights.

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Thanks for a fascinating workshop.  Excited to learn more.

I had a great time at the workshop, thank you for the energy you gave all of us that day.  Your wonderful presentation was my first experience of the Enneagram.

Your program on Saturday was so interesting…captured my full attention looking at the Enneagram in terms of the defense system. It added a whole new layer of understanding about myself and others in my life..

A True Artist on Human Behavior!

Excellent presenter – could have listened much longer.

Incredible insights and synthesis of many ideas that I’ve heard-read-thought of.

© 2012 mjm creations LLC – photography by Michael Joseph Murphy

Thank you so much for presenting at BAAPT (Bay Area Association for Psychological Type). I appreciate your sharing of personal and empirical experiences with a range of people in varied circumstances. The presentation was captivating and clear, and I came away with enhanced perspectives on both the Enneagram and MBTI as tools for understanding and accepting people as they are.

Thanks, Pat. This information is really great.  I just bought your book and was completely blown away by your presentation at BAAPT. Thank you for the amazing work you are doing!

You gave one of the best presentations I have ever heard on this topic!

Thank you so much for this great info!  You workshop was a real highlight in my year and I am still mulling over some of the juicy pieces and integrating them into my life. Your presentation style was so easy, relaxed, and knowledgeable.

Excellent!  Very informative!  One of the best sessions attended!

Packed a lot of info into a short time.

Thanks so much!  Your two experiential activities were very worthwhile!

Relates terrifically to the group!

Awesome!  Excellent!  Bring her back!

Excellent, enjoyed her teaching techniques and knowledge.

Easily understood by someone who never heard of these tests before.

I genuinely enjoyed you and the program.  I really enjoyed the whole program.  I really thought Pat was great and seemed to be open to all kinds of questions, etc.  I also think I learned more about myself today.

The material was clearly presented – Exercises were insightful and enjoyable.  Pat is a great teacher.