Client Testimonials

I had over ten years of therapy and Twelve-Step programs before I got into this Inner-Child, look-at-your-numbers-and-letters therapy. All of that was helpful, I suppose, but none of it helped me go as deeply into my Real Being as this type of therapy did.
Reilley (INTJ-4)



If I had gained nothing more than the release from depression as a result of this approach, the journey would have been worthwhile, but I also have gained “myself” too. . . . I’m getting a voice and standing up for myself. Danielle (ENTJ-7)

Knowing what it means to live as an Ennegram Three versus my INFP helps me live an authentic life. My two young sons benefit .. . I am a better mother to them than I could have been without this knowledge. I like who I am-and all of what I’m about-because now I understand me!
Kayla (INFP-3)



My relationship with my body has changed. My husband and I are able to enjoy each other now more than ever. I have learned how to be responsible with my money. The Inner-Child work I have done has made all the difference in the world to me.
Kory (ESFP-8)


My feelings of being defective have greatly diminished. . . . I am forever grateful and forever changed.
Julie (INFJ-1)

I can feel joy without the guilt of being “bad” and not deserving any happiness. I’ve felt safe enough to explore my spirituality.
Peggy (ENTJ-1)

The biggest change is in my career. The year . . . started with a project that pushed all my triggers and ended with a project that was a wonderful experience in which I felt I did “shine,” utilizing my talents and doing it all for me and not for other people.
Rhonda (ENFJ-7)